Monday, 31 August 2015

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream


Those are some big claims to backup there, aren't they? I have an uneven relationship with Garnier. For example, the BB Cream I loved initially but it lost its gloss quickly but the Ultralift 2 in 1 Serum I loved. As I love trying new products, this patchy experience was not enough to put me off.

The 50mL of product comes in a lightweight but very attractive pearlescent blue container. Obviously, the container is rather a lot bigger than it need be. On opening, you're greeted with a white interior and a pale peachy coloured cream. The scent is really strong - if you are not big on strongly scented products, you can stop reading now. I like to think I'm reasonably tolerant of scent but this was too much for me. The scent is rather over the top rose and confectionery - it makes you think of very sweet things.

The cream is really very thick. Do you know - it reminded me of panna cotta or a set custard - something dessert like! A very firm fruit flavoured yoghurt. Despite this very weird texture, it comes out easily and you only need a tiny bit - so plus points there. It smooths over the skin easily and it also absorbed easily. So until this point, if it weren't for the scent I'd be considering it a bit of a winner.

However ... I used it for a couple of days (and it was the only change in the beauty routine) and I came out in a couple of spots. I'm not normally spotty so I stopped using it and my skin eventually calmed down. At this point, I was prepared to give the cream the benefit of the doubt so I let my skin return to normal and allowed any potential hormonal interference get out of the way and tried again.

Exactly the same thing. I'm writing this nursing a spot on my chin, two on my temple and one by my nose. This is definitely not normal for me and given two instances, I'm going to have to chalk it up to the cream.

This is disappointing because I don't normally find new products affect me in this way and this product is super cheap (RRP $20, but you can find it a lot cheaper) but feels luxurious and seems to a pretty good job (minus that scent, obviously). While using it my skin certainly felt soft and hydrated but I'm not prepared to tolerate spots for that!

Available from Chemist Warehouse (& perhaps elsewhere).  RRP $20.


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Saturday, 1 August 2015

L'Oreal Base Magique

A week or so ago I had a make up class with the lovely Laura of Ego Brows and Beauty. I'm pretty rubbish/minimal with make up so (despite owning a small ton of product) I asked her to focus on eye make up.

The great thing about spending an hour with a make up artist is all the suggestions and product recommendations and suggestions. One thing that Laura suggested was that, as I am currently using a compact foundation I revisit some of the primers I've found difficult to use with liquid foundation.

The first one out the drawer was a tiny sample of Base Magique. Like most of these products its main ingredient is a silicone: cyclohexasiloxane (followed by a couple of variations on dimethicone). This is what gives it its very soft feel and means not only does it have some emollient qualities, it also fills in fine wrinkles and plumps up your skin.

While I'm not a fan of how these products feel, I never have a problem with how they look on my skin. The problem hits when I apply makeup.

Unfortunately, in this case the solid foundation (applied with a sponge) was not happy. The primer came away from my skin - if you looked hard enough it almost looked like I was peeling! And I still ended up with the slight spottiness of pores being emphasised.

I'm glad I only had a sample and had not spent $30 on this. The remainder I gave to a friend!

Would I buy this? No. Not for me.


Widely available. $30.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Max Factor Ageless Elixir

Oh I love this foundation! I picked up the Max Factor Ageless Elixir ages ago in some big discount offer at Priceline. I chose it because I'd been impressed with a combined moisturiser/serum product and I can find that foundation catches in any dehydrated patches on skin so I figured the serum aspect would help with that. The fact that it's also SPF 15 is just a plus.

The coverage is light to medium and I like that it's really easy to build up without looking like you've caked it on. The foundation has a lovely, subtle rose scent and my only criticism of the pump pack is that it's hard to tell how much you've used. I love the black lid (no dirty foundation smudges visible!).

I have found that, as usual on my skin, this doesn't work so well on top of dimethicone/silicone rich moisturisers but if I use a good standard moisturiser (and allow it to soak in) then this works a treat. 

Because I favour such a light foundation, this has lasted me for absolutely ages, making it also excellent value for money.

I have reasonably fair skin and bought it in 45 warm almond which has been perfect.  I did spend some time choosing the colour before purchase (it only comes in 5 shades) and I've subsequently bought another Max Factor foundation in the same colour which is also a good match - so it seems the shades are consistent.

I'm quite disappointed I bought a different Max Factor foundation (always have to try something new!) because this is unequivocally a product I would both recommend and use again.

This is widely available and RRP is $32.95 but you will most find it discounted somewhere along the way!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Elucent Whitening Moisturisers

Gah! For some reason, I thought I had a post all scheduled and ready to go for last Friday (Friday, kids, is when Aus Best Beauty Buys will be bringing you my latest thoughts this year, providing I don't get muddled again!) but it turns out I didn't ...

Which is a shame because I have a truckload of products waiting to be written up.

But here we go with these two moisturisers - day and night - part of the 'whitening' range from Elucent.  I received these sample sizes as part of a little package of samples from a beauty website.  I have definitely used an Elucent product before but I'm stuffed if I can remember what it was.  I remember I liked it though.

The Whitening range is supposed to brighten your skin and reduce uneven skin tone.  As someone who has a little bit of pigmentation (hey, I grew up in Australia ... these things can't be helped!) I'm always keen to try out products like this.  I used the day and night creams in sync for a good couple of weeks and definitely noticed lovely, smooth, well hydrated skin during that time.  Did the creams reduce pigmentation and uneven skin tone? I can't say because I didn't take before and after shots but because they worked at their core business of moisturising my skin looked good.

The day cream
The day cream is SPF 30 - yay! A moisturiser with something approaching serious sun protection.  The cream is quite light and goes on easily and is absorbed quickly.  It does have a little bit of a white cast to it but that disappears when the cream is absorbed.  The cream does have the slight feel of sun cream to it but it hydrates and provides a pretty good base for foundation too.

The sunblock side of this cream definitely does its job - I wore this on a ferry crossing when I stood on deck for almost the full 45 minutes and didn't get sunburnt.

The night cream
The night cream is a completely different texture to the day cream.  It's thicker and feels richer but it is quickly absorbed and I didn't wake up feeling like I had a greasy face.

These creams aren't cheap and they're not widely available. But you can pick them up at Chemist Warehouse.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Dr LeWinn's Day Cream Moisturiser


Goodness - I dislike this product! I feel bad saying that because I know it is a cult product, one that (supposedly) was originally formulated for patients after surgery but ... BLEAH!

I received a small trial pot (so that was one blessing, as this baby is not cheap) and I was looking forward to trying it because I actually quite like the Dr Lewinn's night cream.  But so much disappointment ensued.

Firstly, it smells awful.  This seems to be a resounding comment around the web and while fragrance free is commendable "scent of ever so slightly old play dough" is really not what you expect in a $70 cream ...

Once you get over the smell the cream is quite thick which means that you don't need much (seriously, this tiny wee pot is lasting me ages) and even though the cream is thick it is absorbed quickly and doesn't leave a greasy slick.

But does it perform? For me, no.

Now I tried this out under some pretty hard conditions.  I started using it straight off a long haul flight to the northern hemisphere where my skin had to battle not only dehydration but cold weather.  And this moisturiser failed miserably.  I really struggled with my make up as small dry patches flared up on my cheeks and over the course of a couple of weeks I never really felt as though my skin was recovering.

Ironically, it was the plane journey back home where I slathered my face with Clarins Hydra Quench that gave my skin some relief.

The Dr Lewinn's Day Cream Moisturiser's main ingredient (after good old water) is dimethicone, which might explain why I didn't get on with it.  This is basically a silicone and does a great job of smoothing out your skin (many of those 'five second blur' type creams have a dimethicone base).  After dimethicone is apricot kernel oil and I wonder if that it what contributes to the disconcerting smell. It looks like apricot kernel oil does have some skin benefits and it can be great for prematurely aged, dry or irritated skin.  If that sounds like you, it might be worth seeking out just the oil for a quick massage over a clean face before bed.

Another downer on this product for me is that it offers no SPF protection.  That, combined with expense, smell and under performance make it a no-go for me.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Palmers Daily Calming Facial Lotion

Somewhere along the way I received a little sample sachet of this Palmer's Daily Calming Facial Lotion.  I've never really associated Palmers with (face) skin care - I've always thought of it more as a body care company so I was a bit hesitant about trying this.

When I first opened it I was surprised by how thick it was - 'lotion' suggests to me something that is quite runny whereas I'd describe the texture of this as quite cream like.  It felt quite heavy and I was concerned that it might be a bit rich.

But it isn't oily at all and while it feels thick my skin drank it up quickly and there was no oily residue or anything like that.

And for a couple of days I was really ho-hum about it.  It seemed to be doing an OK job of moisturising my skin (just off a long haul flight - your skin really knows about dehydration at that point!) but I really didn't dig the texture of it on my fingers as I applied it and it has no sun protection built in.  Also, being 'fragrance free' (for sensitive skin) it has that kind of 'fragrance free' smell ... I'm sure someone out there will know what I mean!

But then I put some foundation on ... and wow - for me, at least, it worked as a really good base for foundation.  It was rich enough to smooth out the dry patches so foundation didn't catch, the foundation went on easily, and looked really even (something I have real trouble with if a moisturiser has too much dimethicone in it!).

All of a sudden I went from ho-hum to really impressed!

I've done a bit of research - the main ingredient (after water) is ethylhexyl palmitate which is often used in cosmetics as an organic substitute to silicone.  The use of this, rather than a silicone definitely explains why my foundation went on evenly.  Unfortunately, ethylhexyl palmitate is derived from palm oil so ... I've tweeted Palmers to find out if the product is sustainable (not everyone cares about these things, but I do to the extent that I can ...).  I'll report back when I get an answer!

I can't figure out how widely or readily available this is ... it is listed on the Priceline website (which shows it as 'out of stock') but I can't find it on (the difficult to use!) Palmer's site but other sites do list it as in stock.  Make of that what you will.

Performance wise, this product, after an uncertain start gets a thumbs up from me!

Palmer's Australia.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Innoxa Skin Clear Clarifying Night Complex


 I bought this through OzSale and as it's no longer listed on the Innoxa website I guess it was run-out end-of-line discontinued stock.  However, it meant I picked it up for $8 rather than the $35 Innoxa night creams are normally.

The Skin Clear range is for oily/combination skin which is pretty much perfect for me - I have the typical oily t-zone and dehydrated (rather than necessarily dry) cheeks.  I also used this product over winter, which is a great litmus test for me with a moisturiser, as over winter is when my skin really struggles.  By which I mean it becomes so dehydrated that it starts to flake and then wearing foundation becomes a real challenge.

I loved this night cream.  It was very light and very easily absorbed, both of which can be a bit tricky to find in a night cream.  Initially I was concerned that it wasn't going to do the job because it was so light - but I've come out the other side of winter with remarkably smooth skin (maybe my day cream needs some credit too, but you know what I mean).

It was very lightly fragranced, I didn't need a lot of it (the 50mL jar lasted the whole of winter) and it did not cause any breakouts.

Things get better because this product is Australian made (I love being able to champion a locally produced product) and it's paraben free, dermatologically approved AND not tested on animals.

The only thing that's not to love about this is that you can't get hold of it!  However, my really positive experience with this does mean that I'll have no qualms about trying out other Innoxa products in future.  The Skin Clear range at the moment only carries a cleanser and anti blemish shine control lotion but other ranges, such as Anti Ageing and Sensitive, have a much fuller set of products.
Innoxa products are widely available.


Source: online purchase.